Easy-to-use smartphone for active seniors, with magnetic charging cable


Hearing Aid Compatible



Amplicomms M510-M Senior Mobile Phones for Elderly with Easy Magnetic Cable Charger

  • Easy to charge
    The charging cable is easy to use even with just one hand, at home or away, and connects automatically thanks to a magnetic tip.
    The smartphone comes pre-fitted with a protective film on the screen.
    Two different types of protective case can be purchased as complementary products.
  • Mobile phone for the elderly
    Operates virtually without scrolling down.
    To navigate the menu, simply press down slowly on the large touchscreen to avoid errors.
    Four choices of click duration depending on the user’s dexterity.
  • Smartphone with WhatsApp
    Four large touch buttons for accessing SMS, voice messages, video and voice calls.
    Makes it easy for seniors to use WhatsApp.
    Vocalise incoming text messages and dictate text messages for greater simplicity.
  • Mobile phone adapted for people with visual or hearing difficulties
    The loud ringer, large characters and voice dialling make this phone easy to use, make this phone easy to use.
    Three photo memories let you call your favourite contacts directly.
    This phone is compatible with hearing aids (M4/T4).
  • Mobile phone with SOS button
    Simply press the SOS button, the user automatically calls a carer and sends an SMS with the phone’s GPS location.
    It also sends a text message to 5 additional numbers.
    An additional SOS button, to be worn as a bracelet or pendant, can be purchased for added safety at home.