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Bigtel 50 Alarm Plus

Big button corded telephone with 3 programmable numbers and easy-to-use alarm bracelet


Extra Loud Ringer

Direct Memory


Hearing Aid Compatible

Corded Big Button Phone with SOS Key, Splash Proof Alarm Bracelet, Hands-free function, Very High Volume Level with Audio-Boost and Extra Loud Ringers. Hearing Aid Compatible

  • Reassuring SOS key on both the phone and the additional splash-proof  Alarm Bracelet with big button to automatically call up to 32 numbers selected in the directory, with a voice message. The discreet and easy-to-wear alarm unit can be worn as a bracelet or a pendant
  • One-touch Audio-boost for +40dB extra loud volume in the earpiece to ensure effortless conversations, extra loud ringer volume adjustable to up to 90dB and large visual ringer indicator to never miss a call, hands-free function to share conversations or have effortless conversations without hanging the handset
  • Super-large easy-to-read display with big letters and digits to easily read callers' name or number and facilitate the use of the menu
  • Large keypad with big buttons makes dialing easy for clumsy hands, talking digits confirm the digits pressed and two direct-memory keys M1 and M2 make it so easy to call the closest contacts 
  • 32 name-and-number directory to easily call your most frequent contacts and an additional ten speed dial numbers allow to store closest friends, family or doctor
  • The corded phone works with mains power and 4 x AA 1.5V batteries are included to ensure an emergency call in case of power outage.