Alarm clock with extra large display and vibration pad


The alarm clock TCL 410 features an extra-large display. It wakes you up with extra loud alarm up to 95dB and/or ultra-bright visual alarm. A vibration pad is included.


  • Ideal for people with hearing and/or sight impairments, or in a loud environment
  • Extra loud alarm up to 95dB - can be adjusted
  • Ultra-bright visual alarm
  • Vibration pad
  • Snooze function - sleep timer
  • Detection of alarm tones from a smoke detector in the immediate vicinity (3m) (smoke alarms not included)
  • USB charging point
  • Backup battery


TCL 410


Amplicomms offers high-quality products with exclusive features and a loud and clear High Definition sound. With more than 25 years of experience, Amplicomms develops and sells throughout the acousticians channel, telephones, mobile phones, TV headphones and accessories.

Dedicated to people with hearing and sight impairments and to seniors in search of comfort and simplicity, Amplicomms vocation is to improve their daily lives and the quality of their communication.

Amplicomms is a trademark of Swissvoice International SA.

In 2020, ATLINKS HOLDINGS LTD has been rewarded in the Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership awards for SME.  

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