Large-button telephone with 3 programmable emergency numbers and easy-to-use alarm bracelet


BigTel 50 Alarm + is the perfect phone for elderly people. It is delivered with a wireless, splash proof emergency call transmitter that send an emergency call to up to 3 selected contacts at the press of the button.


  • Easy to read alphanumerical backlit display
  • 3 red direct memories (M1, M2, M3)
  • 10 speed dial numbers
  • Audio Boost key (up to +40dB)
  • Extra loud ringer (up to 90dB)
  • Large handsfree key
  • Large flashing call indicator
  • Talking numbers to confirm the digits pressed
  • Water-resistant alarm transmitter (3 emergency numbers)
  • Premium Hearing aid compatible

BigTel 50 Alarm Plus